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Open Source Database Interface

Enter data quickly and find answers to your questions – independently

Mathesar’s web-based interface gives you direct access to Postgres – one of the most popular databases in the world.

So you can enter and slice and filter and structure your data… in just minutes. No technical skills required.

Enter data quickly and find answers to your questions – independently
  • Individuals & Organizations
  • Structure Your Data
  • Own Your Data
  • Intuitive UX

Too many data tools make simple tasks complicated

You’re often left without clear answers to these important questions:

  • How can you be certain that your database doesn’t contain faulty, duplicated data?
  • When your workflow changes, how can you quickly update your data structures?
  • How can you see one view of all your different data sources?

Gain flexibility and speed working with your data

Protect your team from making data errors. And find quick insights – without waiting

If you can work a spreadsheet, you can get the hang of Mathesar.

It’s an intuitive interface, at a beginner-friendly level.

But unlike a spreadsheet – you can now work more easily with structured, clean data.

Use Mathesar in tandem with your other tools


Use Mathesar in tandem with your other tools

Having your data sources scattered in different places can make analysis difficult.

Mathesar connects to your existing database. The interface can become a central source of truth to analyze your data.

You can have different workflows using the same data – all at the same time.

Work with clean, error-free data


Work with clean, error-free data

Duplicates and redundancies are all too common in data entry. This inconsistency can lead to corrupted data – resulting in misguided decisions.

Mathesar allows you to retain strict data structures.

You can easily set up data rules that prevent users from making data errors. That’s how you ensure clean, consistent and accurate data records.

Discover new insights with unique views


Discover new insights with unique views

When you want to explore a freeform question about your data – you could face technical obstacles:

“What’s the right way to phrase this question?” “Which is the right tool for the job?”

You could even lack easy access to your data.

Mathesar lets you create views across multiple tables – in just a few clicks. So you can answer your freeform questions quickly. And gain new insights.

Watch your data sync up and build relationships


Watch your data sync up and build relationships

You often track the same data – like names, dates, statuses – across many spreadsheets that are not connected.

Someone has to manually update this information, over-and-over. This can become a bad use of a person’s work time.

With Mathesar, your data records can “speak” and connect to each other. When you make a change to one table – all your other connected tables will automatically update too.

So you can adjust and adapt your data records without dedicating too much time.

User-friendly filters to answer quick questions


User-friendly filters to answer quick questions

Sometimes you have one-off questions about your data, but you don’t have a relevant report already available.

Instead of waiting for your technical collaborator – or ticking hundreds of checkboxes in your custom software – simply search through Mathesar.

You can quickly filter words using conditional logic.

Update your data models – in just minutes


Update your data models – in just minutes

When your workflow changes, this change should be reflected in your data models. But manual changes often take hours, even days.

This runs a significant risk of disruption. When your data is paused and not synced-up, you could end up with stale data.

Mathesar’s unique re-structure feature saves you time. You can update data models - in a click.

Ensure accurate data, without disruptions.

Own your data


Own your data

Proprietary software companies often look like appealing choices – until you’re locked in their ecosystem. If you decide to move away, you could lose valuable data. Your data could even be sold off in private deals.

Mathesar allows you to self-host on your servers. You’ll have full control over your data and can choose who has access.

Easily migrate from Mathesar – or simply go back and forth – anytime you like.

Ghislaine (Mathesar’s Product Designer)

"I felt like a guest in the developers’ space."

“When developers would give me access to software, my immediate instinct was “don’t break anything!”

Causing an error would be so embarrassing. You don’t intentionally want to delete something but stuff happens, right?

I felt like I was in a piece of software that wasn’t meant for me.

We created Mathesar to be more welcoming. Mathesar sets up data rules that protect people from data errors.

It can open up a playground to explore new ideas.”

Ghislaine (Mathesar’s Product Designer)

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