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Mathesar 0.1.6 Released

Posted on Apr 03, 2024 by Kriti Godey

Mathesar 0.1.6 introduces UI internationalization and brings several improvements for both users and administrators.

This post gives you a peek at some of the improvements in the release. Please see our Release Notes for the comprehensive list of all changes and bugfixes.

Mathesar’s UI can now display in Japanese

The language setting is stored per-user and can be modified when logging in or when editing a user. This changes the text displayed on buttons and other UI elements within Mathesar. It does not change the display of data within your database (e.g. table names, column names, and cell values). We are hoping to support more languages beyond English and Japanese eventually. Please reach out to us if your are interested in helping to add more translations!


Text fields now auto-expand on the record page


All text inputs on the record page had the same height, regardless of their content.



All text inputs in record page dynamically adjust to accommodate the content seamlessly.


Mathesar can now run on more Python versions

Mathesar now officially supports Python versions 3.10 and 3.11, in addition to the existing 3.9 compatibility. This will provide great flexibility while building Mathesar from source on an OS that natively ships with relatively newer versions of Python.

Mathesar is now tested against PostgreSQL 16

Mathesar now officially supports, and is tested against, Postgres versions 13, 14, 15 and 16.

Installing Mathesar from scratch no longer involves NodeJS

We removed NodeJS as a dependency in favour of providing users with pre-built static assest for building Mathesar from source.

Here’s the link to our Release Notes again if you’d like to see the full list of all changes and bugfixes.

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