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Open Source Database Interface

Quickly enter and analyze your data – in one open source interface

Mathesar is an open source and web-based interface that works on top of your database.

You can enter and slice and filter and structure your data… in minutes.

No technical skills required.

Quickly enter and analyze
your data – in one open source interface
  • Built on Postgres
  • Free & Open Source
  • Self-hosted on Your server
  • Cloud version planned

Your data is a representation of you

Your workflows. Projects. And opportunities.

But too many data tools limit you from managing your data your way.

Here are some root causes of this issue:

  • Spreadsheets don’t have strict structures – so it’s hard to keep your data consistent and valid. This limits your potential to reuse. And often leads to faulty data.
  • When your data is scattered in different places, it’s hard to get one view into everything. Your stored data can’t be modified by other software.
  • Cloud-based solutions tend to restrict your data management. The number of rows you can have – limited. The ability to own your data – limited. Getting quick answers – limited.

You can truly own your data – with Mathesar’s open source interface.

Give your collaborators freedom to explore and answer data questions. Quickly.

  • Mathesar ensures that your data is kept consistent. So you can base your decisions – about projects, processes, anything – on more accurate data.
  • You can connect Mathesar to your existing Postgres database. Use Mathesar with the many tools that integrate with Postgres – to explore your data even deeper.
  • Your data is never locked in. Self-host on your servers to independently manage your data. You can migrate or go back and forth from Mathesar at any time.
  • Mathesar has an intuitive interface that is similar to a spreadsheet. Empower your friends and colleagues – of all technical skill levels – to enter valid data and get immediate answers to ad-hoc questions.

Now you can rapidly enter data.

And analyze that data.

And ensure your data is fully valid.

Using a self-hostable and accessible interface.

Use Cases

Here's what you could set up in your first 30 mins of using Mathesar:

Mathesar’s approach is unique...

We’re not reinventing the wheel.

We’re making your existing database more accessible to you – via a user-friendly interface.

  • Relationship Icon
    Set up relationships in the UI - and these will reflect at the database level. Mathesar doesn’t have its own set of abstractions.
  • Time Icon
    Cut down on days spent re-organizing your data models - reconfigure schema in just minutes. So whenever your workflow changes, you can quickly adapt your data models – without disruptions.
  • View Icon
    Create one view from across multiple tables – easily. Explore your data to gain new insights. And answer quick questions.
  • Wizard Icon
    Let Mathesar automatically guess the type of data in your columns – to save time doing this manually. Mathesar assumes data types and maintains integrity.
  • Validation Icon
    De-duplicate your data – the user-friendly interface ensures that your collaborators input only data that is valid and consistent.
  • Sign Icon
    Straightforward UX – your team don’t need to know anything about database concepts. ‘Help’ icons will guide you along the way.
  • Postgres Icon
    Postgres interface – no disruptions to your workflow since Mathesar works on top of your existing tools.
  • Chest Icon
    100% open source – everyone gets access to the full feature set.

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